Write And Share

The real value of this website is that it allows everyone to write and share their personal memories, anecdotes and reflections on the departed devotees. Please do take this opportunity/invitation to unite in honouring and celebrating these incredible persons, who had each uniquely dedicated themselves in serving the spiritual community that makes Bhaktivedanta Manor so vibrant and effervescent.

Need some motivation to write? Well, in Sanksrit, there is a beautiful word, kṛta-jñā (कृतज्ञ). It means, “remembering the good that was done to us.” In other words, we should write as an expression of gratitude for all that a departed soul has done for us (and of course, for many others too). Some examples to help stir your memories and invoke a deeper gratitude involve thinking about a particular person on our list more deeply. Reflect on their example; their service; their guidance; their kindness; their humility; their dedication; their devotion; or even their friendship. Did thinking about these qualities bring something more tangible to the surface? Well now you can share that here.

Such written expressions of love and affection will help us come closer to that person’s spiritual essence, and also help us come closer to Krishna, the source of all love, affection and shelter.

“What learned person would approach anyone but You [O Lord] for shelter, when You are the affectionate, grateful and truthful well-wisher of Your devotees? To those who worship You in sincere friendship You reward everything they desire, even Your own self, yet You never increase or diminish.”

Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 10.48.26


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