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Do you know someone that is missing from our list of devotees on this site? We know the community of devotees who serve at Bhaktivedanta Manor is vast and spans many years – therefore, please do come forward and let us know!

We really would love to honour and celebrate every community member who has departed from our physical presence.

Ideally, we need a few basic details to add a new devotee to our list (see required fields marked with * below):

  • Name of Departed Devotee *
  • Their Date of Birth
  • Their Date of Departure *
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  • Long description (The life of…)
  • Photos of the Devotee to upload

If you have at least the information for the 3 required fields above, then please click here to complete a simple form (of course, if you have more information to fill in the other fields – that is even better too).



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