Sadhana Kumrai

7 Feb 1955 – 7 June 2020

Sadhana mataji served at Bhaktivedanta Manor for many years helping in the the Kitchen to Cook the Sunday lunch prasad and in the Gift shop during the week and on festivals.


On arriving in England from Nairobi Kenya Sadhana visited Radha London Ishwara and Bhaktivedanta Manor Temples in the mid 1970’s and regularly commenced service for their Lordships at the Manor in the 1980’s under the guidance of Acharya Sevak Das Prabhu ji.
She was a loving caring Soul who believed Krishna to be her dear Friend and Lord. She sincerely loved to serve him and his devotees. She genuinely shared Krishna with all and with her dear friends & associates. She felt a part of Bhaktivedanta Manor and Radha London Ishwara and deeply Loved them as her family and home.

 Collected remembrances:-

One of the most caring and optimistic people that we knew. Her love was endless, and knew no bounds. She had an infectious smile and a clever wit. Family meant a lot to her, and her family was big – just a testament to how much love she had to give. There will always be a void in our hearts, but she gave us so many amazing memories. For that, we are lucky. But most importantly, we are lucky to have known her and been loved by her.
Vinay R

“An ever smiling, ever grateful person who always looked at life as a blessing of the Lord. Choosing to celebrate what she received from the universe rather than fret about what she did not.”

“We pray Sadhana didi’s soul is at peace. She was a real inspiration to me.  A Very dedicated thoughtful and kind person. I have memories of her after my marriage and when my Mum was sick. She was a big support thoughtful and kind. It is so good to see how many people had such good memories of her. I wish I was nearer and had met her more often“
Sulakshana (Ireland)

“Sadhana You are gone…. may you always shower us with your love and affection.  We are upset but because of your fond memories  will carry on . Love you always. “

“Lord Krishna take care of Dear Sadhana as she took care of each and every person she met with peace and love.”

Sadhana will always be in our midst through her selfless acts of love and consideration for all. She will have a special place in the hearts of all  of us who had the privilege of receiving her affections .
May Lord Krishna bless her soul.

Beautiful tribute to Sadhana Ji, may her soul rest in peace. She left so many memorable memories with us. Her smilling face, her beautiful heart always open for everybody.
May god give her place at his lotus feet. Thanks Sadhana Ji standing for me always.
Miss u a lot.
Chitra M

My Sadhana di’s soul rest in eternal peace at the lotus feet of Sri Krishna in Vaikunth dhaam 👍🏼🕉💐 Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare 🌺🌸 Ruchi..

🌞 It brought comfort to take part in Sadhana’s prayers. She was and she is a very dear person to me . I had been missing her presence at work. I feel very grateful to have met Her and she will always be in my heart . This is what I had also learnt by being surrounded by all the love that she had , that she hasn’t really left and she is here with all those people that felt her touch and love . We were fortunate to had met her .

🙏 We miss Sadhana in many different ways. All we now have is her precious memories which we cherish in our hearts that no one can take away from us. May God bless her soul.
Love Des

Although I was not related to Sadhana Ji by blood but over the years she became another mother to me a best friend…..Anytime that I felt low or had any problem any issue she was the only person I ever said it to ..not even my own mother. Somehow even if there was no solution I would feel better just telling her. PKV

Beautiful Tribute to a wonderful soul inside and out. May she rest in eternal peace Hare Krishna
Neena A

Sadhana Bhabhi has been an inspiration to one and all. She was full of faith, courage and strength. We wish her farewell in her journey to eternity. Bhabhi, you’d never be forgotten. Since 7 June 2020, we feel blessed to have been a part of the prayers offered in her remembrance and today there were tears rolling down on seeing her last rites. It was a glorious parting, we wish her beautiful soul rest in peace. Hare Krishna🙏
Rajeev & Reena

Om shanti, shanti shanti May her soul rest in eternal peace and Lord Krishna take care of dear Sadhana as she took care of each and every person she met with peace and loving thoughts.
Hare Krishna 🙏🏽

She was a friend, a bhabi and a member of our family. She will be missed. Allah give her soul peace.
Yasmin P

Hare Krishna,
A beautiful and heartfelt tribute to dear Sadhana. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

It is so true that we can choose our friends but not our relatives. Participating in the prayer meetings have  helped us realise how precious our friendships are and to nourish and cherish them. It also  helped us to think about our priorities and our materialistic world. We will stay united and strengthen our friendship bond and Sadhana will be with us all along the way. She will keep our bond strong.
Hare Krishna

It was an honour and we were all moved by the daily prayer meetings and humbled to know how many people’s lives and hearts had been touched by our beloved Sadhana. Once again we can’t thank you and your family enough to enable us to participate in the prayer meetings and share our memories and tributes for our beloved Angel . We are also deeply grateful for Madhava Taank and family for coordinating and presenting the daily prayer meetings.
Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna  It was really nice to hear about such good qualities of Sadhana ji from the mouth of the devotees and her relatives. Nawal Bhai, her nephews, her niece, they all described her qualities so well. I pray Sri Sri Radha ParthSarthy to give strength to all the family members. I am really thankful to Nawal who has connected so many people together for hearing Bhagavad-Gita Shlokas, Narsimha Aarti, Narsimha Kavach, chanting with the devotees for the wonderful soul. I am really thankful to all the Prabhu jis and Mata Jis for not only conducting the program so well but praying and glorifying her straight from their hearts. It was really blissful. May Sri Sri Radha and Krishna bless everyone at Your home with their devotional service which is the most precious thing in this material world.
Your ever well wisher         Sushma A

Aunty was a very great, generous, giving individual and we are fortunate to have had many wonderful memories – I will always be very appreciative for the role she played in our lives at a difficult time and I will remember her as a happy, loving person. I watched the service and I thought it was a touching tribute to her Lots of love

Sadhana’s passing was such a great loss I regret not knowing her better as all the affection and love showered on her by so many made me realise what a wonderful, kind, loving soul she was. May Lord Krishna look after her soul as she looked after and cared for everyone with a pure heart ❤
With much love and affection always Hare Krishna
Bharti and family .

Sadhana was a divine soul I am glad that she is now under the direct blessings of Sri Lord Krishna. Lots of love Hare Krishna
Vijay K

Hare Rama Hare Krishna God rest your soul in peace. We all love you but God loves you more then us🕉🙏🏼🙏🏼🌹🌹🕉
Priti D

I will miss Sadhana so so so much a real mother to all a kind gentle soul with a golden heart.
Maharishi Dasa

Dear Massi, as your mortal remains are consigned to the holy flame, we tearfully bid your physical form goodbye, but you shall always stay in our hearts, our memories and our actions. Your sweet voice, your cheerful, loving face will be missed greatly…Rest in Peace with your beloved Krishna.
Love you always🌹🙏🏻

Sending love and prayers to both families and wishing you peace and comfort.
It was a beautiful and emotional ceremony.
Simmi and family 


Dear Rana Uncle & Families. We are sending you all our love, prayers and best wishes. We were sorry to not be there in person today, but the beauty of the ceremony and sharing were so lovely. All our love, Sachin and Meredith

Sadhana ji may your beautiful soul rest in peace Wonderful memories shared by the family in today’s ceremony
Om Shanti
Sanjay Seema and Family

No longer by our sight but forever in our hearts 🙏we pray the love of God enfolds you during this spiritual journey 🙏 Sadhana bhabhi will be greatly missed by all . Our caring thoughts are with the family  in this grief. Jai shree Krishna🙏🏻💐

May Sadhna di’s noble soul rest in peace! Om Shanti
Sangheeta Barti

Rest in peace Bhabhi ji. May Almighty Waheguru ji bless the beautiful soul. Love you always🙏🏻🙏🏻
Sonia & Babnesh

🙏🏼 Yes dear Sister, Rest in Peace.
Beautiful service 🕊 🕊 x
Terry from Hare Krishna


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