Sri Hari das

11/09/1959 – 20/05/2014

A devoted father, loving husband, kind friend and faithful devotee of Lord Krishna.


Sri Hari visited Bhaktivedanta Manor with his wife, Nandarane dasi, shortly after they got married in 1983. They met several devotees including Sruti Dharma das, Gadadhar das and Harivamsa das who introduced them to Krishna Consciousness, and helped to guide them in those early years.

A member of the community, Sri Hari das gave regular service a the manor, volunteering his time to help with Deity transfers, cleaning the deity kitchen, participating in kirtan and serving in the 108 steps area during Janmashtami where he would encourage thousands of guests to chant the maha mantra, a service which he relished every year.

On 31 May 2009, at Bhaktivedanta Manor, he received initiation from HH Lokanath Swami alongside Nandarane dasi. Maharaja called them the oldest new bhakta’s as they had been serving Maharaj for over 20 years. Sri Hari would often look forward to his Guru Maharaj’s visits to the UK and enjoyed participating in padayatras and serving Maharaj. He received the name Sri Hari Das meaning “servant of Hari, one who steals or takes away suffering”. It was a most fitting name.


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